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January 30, 2013


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Hi Everybody,

This is my very first DA entry, yaaay! ^^
Okay, back to the normal mood.

First of all I'm not an expert in english language and maybe I don't use the most appropriate phrases but I try to express my thoughts and I hope most of You understand what I would like to tell all of You.

So, I'm pretty curious about something and it would be great if this topic will be discussed. Some of you guys might have or like/follow cosplayer fan pages on Facebook. It's great having one because cosplayers can share their 'work in progress' shots or the pictures of the photoshooting or recieving feedbacks on the costumes and so on. And the followers of the pages can contact with the cosplayers and leave feedbacks or comments below the posts etc.
There are several types of 'give away contest' when a cosplayer wants to show her/his thank for the followers who have liked her/his cosplay fan page. And s/he makes/buys something as a gift for the lucky one who is picked among the people who have liked (and shared) the 'give away post/pic' on the FB page.
And there are give away contests when the cp page owner doesn't need stuffs anymore, especially wigs and s/he wants to give them away. And here's the point of my entry. These cosplayers write down if somebody would like to win the wigs there is no need to like their page but sharing of the current photo. It sounds really cool and I've spammed my FB wall with these types of give away posts.
But one of my friends warned me (she is a fellow cospalyer) that this is not allowed because it could be a scam and it's a great propaganda to have more likes on the pages. And I've checked up on the cosplayers who announced wigaway conests (lol I hope it sounds funny xD) and they've reached thousand of facebook likes after that. Although most of them are talented and remarkable cosplayer but what is your opinion about that?
- Can we trust in such a give away contest?  
- Who could be a cheater and who is trusted?
- Have You ever won a give away contest?
- Have You ever made a (wig) give away contest?
- Why don't they sell them? Wigs are money consuming stuffs. They write: „I don't have time to sell them" etc.

It would be really great if they are truly generous. :) Please let me know what do You think about this topic! :)
Every comment are welcomed but be polite, please. I don't wanna begin a war or something like that I would like to know what's your point of view about this issue.
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sangsahwa Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I've come across one of these giveaways a few days before.
My first though was "Why do they giving it away free? They have so much money?"
I suppose foreign cosplayers, especially asian cosplayers have more money for cosplay than us.
In Japan the pre-made cosplays and wigs are not a cheap thing.
But anyway cosplaying is a time and money consuming hobby as we all know that.
Ok, there are cheaper wigs, but it is a bit odd to me that there are people who freely giving away a lot of his/her wigs.
I have no experience in these kind of things so I can't tell if anybody really get these wigs or anything but to set up a condition to like their page to win is a bit fishy.
I've haven't known that these kind of activities are against the FB's Term and Conditions. But does the FB possess the authority to punish those who share these post also or they are only authorized to punish the one who starts the giveaways? I don't know.
Merras Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Dear Tazzie,

these types of giveaways are violating FB's Terms and Conditions. Promotions like this is only allowed within third party Facebook applications. You can't make mandatory shares / likes as an entry condition. Violating these rules is dangerous because FB can delete your FB page as a punishment.

I think most of these cosplayer giveaways can be trusted - however most of them are violating FB rules.
Aoime Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You know my feelings about this :D I win only one time in a giveaway, it was in Sept maybe, from one of the eurocosplay competitors, Artflower. I don't really trust the giveaways where you can win huge prizes, but I try it, because who know, when will some miracle happen :D I don't really think, that any cosplayer have so much money to just give away so many wigs, because she is lazy. It's really strange
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